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The SMART Cab™ combines the functionality, maneuverability and interior space of a custom-built chassis with the price of a commercial chassis. An ideal concept to maximize the efficiency of your operations, offer ultimate comfort to your team in addition to minimizing acquisition costs!

  • Height : 70 inches
  • Width: 100 inches
  • Up to 4 passengers
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Well soundproofed, less than 75 decibels at 105 km/h
  • Dedicated space for equipment mounting
  • More seating for less money.
  • Designed for comfort – With an interior clearance of 70 inches (actual height) by 100 inches wide (measured with interior trim), and seats with standard backrest or integrated breathing apparatus support are both available and equipped with NFPA-approved seat belts.
  • Quiet cab – Specialized SuperFabric® insulation materials reduce noise to 75 decibels at speeds up to 105 km/h, well below NFPA standards.
  • An innovation that meets your needs – A custom-designed console provides quick and efficient access to alert system controls and radios for both the driver and officer. The large opening between the cabs allows good communication and excellent visibility for all.


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