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NH55 Fire Pump

Rosenbauer’s NH pump is a regular high-volume pump that combines a high-pressure flap.
For a long time, firefighting consisted of using water in abundance. Today, a generation of fire pumps that have proven itself for more than 20 years now allows us to rethink firefighting from the perspective of maximizing the effectiveness of the water droplet in extinguishing fires.

  • The high-pressure shutter is a complementary tool to the high-volume pump.
  • The concept of water droplet fractionation allows for better heat absorption.
  • Uses 50% less water due to its water droplet fractionation technology. Reducing the extent of water damage.
  • For the same amount of water, the high-pressure pump covers an area 100 times larger than a standard pump.
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all foam proportioners
  • Construction: Anodized aluminum, bronze, or double alloy stainless steel
  • Gallonage: up to 1,250 GIPM (high volume), 80 GIPM (high pressure)
  • UL rated according to NFPA 1901
  • Capable of high volume and high-pressure flow rates simultaneously
  • Reduced water consumption during high-pressure operation
  • 3D spiral diffuser for better water flow
  • Minimum maintenance bearings and seals
  • Self-adjusting, maintenance-free mechanical seals
  • Optional bronze and stainless-steel case and volute
  • Vertically divided pump housing for easy maintenance
  • Silent operation
  • Optional Fix Mix mechanical foam system™
  • Automatic boot system
  • 5-year warranty


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