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GREEN Star™ idle reduction technology

Since 2009, the Green Star IRT system has been installed in hundreds of fire trucks across the United States and Canada. The departments have committed to joining their community’s green initiative programs by converting standard equipment generators to energy savings.

It has been shown that 80% of emergencies consist of non-fire responses. False alarms, rescue calls, prevention and traffic accidents are all situations where fire engines will idle.

During these interventions, the fuel consumption is about 5.5L per hour. That’s a lot of harmful emissions for the environment. Rosenbauer’s Green Star IRT idle reduction system works in these situations by taking over from the engine through an auxiliary power source.

  • Considerable reduction of operating costs – Gasoline, oil/filter change, DPF (Diesel Partial Filter) maintenance.
  • Significantly reduced emissions – for a healthier environment.
  • Easy to use – The Green Star IRT system is fully autonomous and activates as soon as the pump is not engaged and the parking brake is applied.
  • Keeps the vehicle’s voltage system functional: Accessories, lighting, air conditioning and cabin heating.


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