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CRT Body

The CRT body has been designed to solve corrosion problems in the most common areas of fire vehicles. To prevent irritants such as water, salt, oil or fuel from being trapped and starting the electrochemical corrosion process, spaces have been provided to allow fluids to flow.

  • Construction: Stainless steel, 304, 12 gauge
  • Flow Rate: Up to 833 Imperial gallons
  • Warranty: Up to 20 years
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel substructure (lifetime warranty)
  • Essentially composed of independent stainless steel structural panels
  • Bolted panels, no welds
  • Perforations or gaps where liquids can be stored and trigger the electrochemical corrosion process
  • Nylon or rubber spacers added between the structure and the fittings (lights, switches, steps, etc.)
  • Exterior panels drilled to a minimum. Electrical switches are located inside the compartments rather than outside to avoid water infiltration
  • Top of the compartments in anodized aluminum
  • Painted fiberglass wheel fenders
  • Easily accessible electrical panels
  • The most solicited surfaces are covered with an ultra-resistant anti-slip coating (Line-X)
  • Body covered with a high performance self-adhesive film (wrap), it does not require painting
  • Several configurations and flow rates available


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