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About us

Our vision

To be the pan-Canadian reference for stakeholders as a distributor of protective equipment and services. 

Our mission

Since 1963, our mission has been to establish excellent relationships of trust with our customers and suppliers to contribute to the success of our stakeholder customers so that they can focus on their primary mission of saving lives and property. 

The support and commitment of our employees and suppliers are central to the success of our customers and our company. 

Our values

Every day, five core values influence the decision-making of our management and employees as well as the strategic direction of the company: 


Our relationships with customers, colleagues, and suppliers are based on respect.

A Sacred Fire

Yes, using this term is a nod to our area of expertise, but it also highlights the sacred fire that nourishes our passion for our work. 


Competence and knowledge are the basis of our role as consultants to our clients.


Our team’s presence and availability allow us to better understand the challenges and needs of our customers and develop a trusting relationship with them.


Open to new technologies; we want to offer avant-garde solutions by equipping ourselves with operational systems that live up to our promises and ideals.

Our ethics

Our code of ethics is part of our business practices and is linked to our values, respect for municipal rules, markets, and competition. 

 Measures to ensure compliance with the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct adopted under that Act:

(Clause 938.1.2 C.M, para. 3, policy 3.3)

  • We make sure anyone acting as a lobbyist is registered in the Lobbyists Registry. 
  • We won’t work with a person acting as a lobbyist while not registered as a lobbyist. 
  • We issue a declaration that no communication of influence has taken place and, if it has taken place, the Registry of Lobbyists has been notified. 
  • We have a clause allowing a municipal entity not to conclude a contract or to terminate it if non-compliance is subsequently discovered. 

Our customers

Over the years, we have developed an enviable and diverse network of customers with whom we maintain close and lasting relationships

Our accreditations and memberships


What are you looking for?

We are your first responders. We can advise you at any time and help you find the equipment you need quickly. 


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